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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  August 10, 2013 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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ship began to sink he grabbed his 9-year-old jack russell terrier and swam her to shore and then, only then, went back for his wife. all lee were wearing life jackets and nobody was injured. no word if that couple is still on speaking terms. that's going to do it for me in washington. a shocking new development in the irs scandal. hello. i'm kelly wright. welcome to a new hour inside of "america's news headquarters. >> we are glad to have you here today. i'm jamie colby. it has been three months since we first learned about the tax agents targeting conservatives and official in charge of the cincinnati office of the center of the storm just got a promotion. tell us more, elizabeth. >> the woman getting promotion is cindy thomas. she is a 35-year veteran of the risk and in charge of overseeing
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the exempt organization's office in cincinnati. at the time conservative groups were unfairly treated. now she is the senior technical adviser for the direction of exempt organizations and she will fill sharon's position. she was once a close adviser to l lerner, first agent to acknowledge wrongdoing and remains on paid administration i have leave. today marks the anniversary of the irs scandal, congressional hearing transcript reveals tea party groups are still getting extra scrutiny. unidentified irs agent reveal it is agency has yet to come up with a new guidance to judge the tax status for certain groups. one committee investigator asked during that meeting. you would treat a tea party group as a political advocacy case even if will was no evidence of political activity on the application. is that right? the irs agent replied based on my current manager's direction, mm-hmm. this is leaving some lawmakers outraged.
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>> it is not only shocking but shows that groups are still being singled out because of the way they approach issues. and there is a reason that the administration wants to assure the american people this was no longer going on. it is because it is outrageous to do such a thing. >> in a statement the irs said it looks forward to seeing the full trance crypt to better understand the context and quote, irs policy is now clear that screen sing based on activity and not in a word or in a name. house republicans are now calling on the federal election commission to turn over irs communication records. they are also pushing for more interagency exchanges, including that of lois lerner which may include inappropriately shared tax information. jamie, back to you. >> thanks so much. liz prann live in washington. we have tea party groups
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being targeted. ellen ratner is bureau chief for talk radio services. thanks for joining us today. what do you make of the continuation of the irs scandal where we are three months into it? one on have thought or hoped that it would have all been rectified by now. ellen, what's going on here? >> my view is that -- look, they -- they talked a lot about the tea party groups and they were, in fact, first group we found out but were also targeting left leaning groups. and -- if you are going to take a 501 tax free exempt that means they are not paying taxes and you and i have to make up that difference. i don't believe political groups should get that tax exemption and they should fairly target both groups. >> what do you think? angela, did the irs actually cooperate with some of the other perhaps political groups to target the conservatives
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specifically? >> that remains to be seen. that's why the role of government is to protect the consumer. that's why we have hearings. we have lois lerner pleading the fifth. by the way i'm innocent. i don't have anything to hide. the irs is supposed to collect taxes. it is not supposed to give political organization. it is supposed to be a neutral organization so that we will have extra dollars to pay for our government programs. so -- whether the irs cooperated or not, we don't know because we can't get a true hearing on the issue. obama said that his presidency would be of transparency. so -- americans can know what the government is doing but there is no accountability or transparency. because the people who deal -- are accused of what they are doing, no one has been fired. >> you know the bottom line here, american people just say, you know, what's going on with the irs? there's already a distrust of the irs anyway because of the huge bureaucracy that actually taps into your financial stability or your financial
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accounts. no one likes to pay taxes. now we are still hearing a distrust among american taxpayers. how do you get beyond this? >> angela and i would agree on this. the way i move it forward is ask -- for every irs tax exempt that has been not allowed an application or anyone that was checked for further information to public. we can all look at the list, we can all see what they allowed and -- to go lou which is public actually because you can look it up, all those -- financial centers. >> now that you said this real quickly, now that you said that, there's this new report that we are getting right now where we are now learning as we saw in elizabeth prann's story, cindy thomas, veteran irs official, overseeing the exempt organization during the height of all of this is actually being promoted. >> promoted. that's ridiculous, kelly.
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the woman who is actually under investigation. it is like if you are accused of doing something wrong in this administration, phony scandal but yet you can be promoted and lois lerner is still receiving a paycheck. which i don't think is right. to publicize all of this, that's the reason why we have the ways and means committee. that's the reason we have the government oversight committee. so they can get to the bottom of this. officials should be held accountable. >> we agree officials should be held accountable. i'm not sure somebody should be denied a promotion based on what is hearsay. let's see what happens and as they investigate. i'm not saying they shouldn't investigate. they should investigate both left and right actions by the irs. >> you don't think that's going on? i'm sure they are investigating both. >> oh -- >> i'm sure they are. >> i don't think that the administration is investigating. even when the fbi, former head of the fbi, testified before congress and was asked about the
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investigation. he didn't know who was doing the investigation. >> well, you know, if it is iss east group and that's happening, there's the inspector general. i just think that -- hey, make all of this public. we -- let us all see. >> it make it all public. do a fair and balanced investigation. >> that's right. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. a pox news alert for our viewers. we have troubling new developments on the hunt for a missing teen and her accused kidnapper. police are saying a group of horseback riders may have spotted hannah anderson and james dimaggio in a remote and mountainous area of idaho. dimaggio is accused of killing anderson's mother, whose body was found in a burned-out house, and then last night was confirmed that the remains of hannah's brother, ethan, seen here, was also identified in the rubble. now police say they found dimaggio's car in a rugged
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wilderness near cascade, idaho. you can see them here. they are hunting those grounds and help is arriving all the way from california where this case began to tackle the intense terrain. >> it is a -- very difficult terrain and we have a lot resources we are bringing. we are sending some of our investigators from san diego up there to assist with the search. the car will examined by bomb and arson technicians in idaho. and so they can render that vehicle safe. obviously further forensic examination will be done. >> bomb and arson investigators because there are concerns there may be explosives in that vehicle will cars following all of this from los angeles. will, tell us about hannah being spotted. >> i can tell thaw right now 150 people are out there looking for her and dimaggio.
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like you heard, it is an isolated area. very mountainous part of idaho. now authorities zoned in on this area because on wednesday, a horseback rider reported seeing hannah and james dimaggio about six miles outside of cascades, eyed mope the horseback rider told authorities that they had some small talk and said he saw a tent and it appeared that they were camping out. >> i think he described the interaction as odd. but nothing alarming. when he got back to his home, i belie -- when he saw the reports about the amber alert he did think that, you know what, they looked pretty familiar. >> the horseback rider called the police immediately. he ended up telling them that he thought that i did image joe hannah appeared to be in good health and from his perspective, it did not appear that hannah was being held against her will. authorities swarmed the area yesterday morning. they actually found dimaggio's
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car. they found the car with a license plates taken off. apparently had been covered in brush and think dimaggio is trying to hide the car but were able to identify it as his car based on the v.i.n. number. we learned that the car did not have any explosives. right now agents continuing to comb the woods but we have to point out that dimaggio had a pretty good head start on them. remember that he was last seen on wednesday. authorities also tell us that right now in that area there are month reports of any cars being stolen. we also do want to point out that where hannah was from in southern california there was actually a vigil last night. people came together to mourn the loss of her brother, ethan. her mother and pray for her safe return. >> dimaggio initially longtime family friend. now on the run. thank you so much. we hope to get updates throughout the day. we have brand-new information on yesterday's deadly plane crash in connecticut. the twin engine plane caught fire after crashing into two homes in east haven. just a few blocks from an
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airport while trying to land in poor weather conditions. four bodies have been recovered. family members identified two of the casualties as the pilot and his son. previously police said would children in one of the homes were missing and the airport's manager says the pilot missed his first landing attempt and was coming around to try again. the pilot was in contact with air traffic control and no distress calls were issued. >> from here the next few days will be on the scene. and -- really not doing much on the ntsb end until we can help the state police finish their job. then once that happens it is mostly documenting the wreckage. looking for anything out of the ordinary. i already have been in contact with the insurance company. insurance adjuster. they have been in contact with a recovery company that specializes in recovering and storing aircraft wrecks and so -- we will probably be working with the insurance and the aircraft recovery over the next couple of days to obviously get the -- out of the thousands examine it both here and at a
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recovery facility at a later date. >> very sad situation. pilot is identified as a former microsoft executive from oregon. and he was flying with his teenage son to visit colleges on the east coast. back to our other big story. even though the state department has reopened 18 of the 19 closed embassies in and consulates in the middle east in africa the u.s. outposts were all shut down last sunday because of a terrorist threat by al qaeda and the arabian peninsula. the embassy in yemen, however, remains closed. most american employees at that facility were ordered to leave the country earlier this week and coming up we are going to have a former cia operative who will talk to us live about what all of this means. >> would also like to tell you about a raging wildfire east of los angeles. it is now cover being 30 square miles and destroying at least 26 homes and officials will say that the silver fire is 47% contained.
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and as fire crews work to put out the flames and steep and rugged terrain. hundreds of people who were forced to leave everything behind, now they are being allowed to return to their homes. >> i'm grateful and so grateful and as i drove down the road, i cried. >> we got out with our lives and our animals. this is the first time i have been here since it happened. i -- playing out of here three days ago. and -- it was pretty devastating. will's just -- no -- words. >> so far this year california fire officials have battled 4,300 wildfires. stark increase from the yearly average of nearly 3,000 from 2008 to 2012. >> what they really wish they could get there is the heavy rain that's causing severe flooding and flash flood warnings across the midwest in the south. nashville, tennessee, one of the
10:14 am
hardest hit areas you can see it here. they had a series of downpours that have flooded highways and homes. and flash flooding and mudslides. also hitting central colorado that is -- let many people strand -- left many people strand. >> i knew the water was getting higher and would come over the edge. and then the bottom broke off and went through. okay, i have to get out of here. i was screaming for help and they were -- i watched them rescue a dog. i watched the house go by. i watched cars go by. right on my side. water was up to here on me. i'm straddling the thing. finally, i -- i -- i shimmied my way around the side and got to the other side and would say it was about ten feet across rushing with stuff but -- i took a chance and i unhooked may self and jumped. >> wow. pretty treacherous stuff. forecasters are saying that there is more rain expected in the southern part of the country including arkansas and tennessee this weekend. folks, be careful out there. >> it is good advice. be careful. water is rushing by.
10:15 am
you never know what you will encounter in a flash flood. meantime president obama is outlining new rules for the nsa. but will his plan for the agency's controversy surveillance limit its scope. we will take a look at the details. detroit may be the biggest u.s. city to ever declare bankruptcy. as it tries to fight its way back from a full-on collapse seems like the motor city's woes could have a major impact on other cities across the as we 9 embassies and consulate that were closed as a result of an al qaeda terror threat will reopen tomorrow, we will take a look at what motivated the change and what this means for an apparently ongoing threat. >> they had the capacity to go after our embassies. they have the capacity potentially to go after our businesses. they had the capacity to be destabilizing and disruptive in countries where the security
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welcome back. it is time for a quick check of the headlines that fox is following. crews recovering four bodies from a wreckage plaechb.
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cra would children inside of one of the homes are still missing. whals you are listening to, what you are seeing, the second day of riots in northern ireland. property instants trying to block a march by nationalist catholics in belfast. police ended up firing plastic bullets and using water cannons after being pelted by bricks, bottles and fireworks. 56 officers and two civilians were injured. seven people were arrested. today's installment of beyond the dream, we look at the state of education among black youth in america. let's be clear about this. all students in america need to excel in academics in f the country will move forward. children in low-income areas it
10:21 am
is dire. here is a look at one organization helping every child get access to a high quality education. >> on february 1, 1960, power students from north carolina go sit down at a lunch counter. and demand to be served. in 2013, four black students who are now welcome at the lunch counter sit down and can't read the menu. how did this happen? >> educator howard fuller, one of the founding members of the black alliance for educational options, is deeply concerned about the state of education among black students. against the back crop of gangs made during the civil rights era, fuller is troubled by the trends of today. >> we are now killing each other on the streets in chicago, detroit, milwaukee. i mean, we got children who
10:22 am
can't read, can't write. i have to do something about that. >> he is not alone. several hundred concerned parents recently rallied in new orleans to show their support for parental choice. making sure that their children have eke wamual access to high quality education. high schooling performing art students from st. paul, mink minimu -- minnesota, promoted their song, be more than a statistic. challenging them not to drop out but to finish school. >> we have more dropouts than graduates and are trying to stop that from happen. >> black students from all over the country came to orlando, florida, to learn how they can fulfill their dream by going to college. the symposium is the largest gathering of supporters of education reform among blacks. a single mother wants a better
10:23 am
choice for her two young children. >> we don't have the schools they are applying for -- all we have is public schools. we need something better. small young kids and all they know is violence. >> keenan leaks of jackson, mississippi, once thought it was impossible for black students to be falling so short in education. >> ask the kids in my neighbor hood and the parents and coming to find out there was a 70% dropout rate in the neighborhood. parents want a choice. even poor parents want a choice. why should only rich children have a choice? >> the work is being applauded not only by parents, students and businesses but also politicians and gospel recording artist marvin sapp. >> when we see how we are using our young children at an alarming rate, i believe that somebody needs to step to the plate. you know what, i take that challenge of trying to bring about change. >> i'm a doctor, phd, coming out
10:24 am
of a housing project in milwaukee, wisconsin. the only thing that got me to the point you and i are having this interview is an education. >> power of an education for dr. howard fuller is the power of faith. he acknowledges there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. >> getting message out. one of the best ways i have ever heard. thank you. president obama is announcing plans to boost oversight of nsa surveillance programs. something we heard about. it is drawing scrutiny from both parties. the refraction the nation's capital and a live report for you next. plus the u.s. is planning to reopen most of the embassies and consulates shut due to the terror threat. the question is does it mean al qaeda is diminished or just on the run? we are going to analyze the latest developments with a former cia operative. you will want to hear this.
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. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. outdate on the small plane that crashed into two homes in connecticut. killing at least four people. former microsoft executive and his teenage son were confirmed on the plane. >> intensive search for a missing california girl is under way in idaho. police say a horseback rider spotted 16-year-old hannah anderson and her alleged kidnapper in the wilderness. family of nelson mandela says the former south african president's health is improving. his daughter says the 95-year-old anti-apartheid leader is now able to sit up for several minutes at a time. he was admitted to a hospital two months ago because of a lung infection. there's new reaction to president's plan to reform the government's surveillance programs and a news conference yesterday president obama said
10:30 am
that the nsa is taking steps to become less secretive and ease public concerns. >> we have already declassified unprecedented information the nsa but we go further. so my direction the department of justice will make public the legal rationale for the government's protection under section 215 of the patriot act. the nsa is taking steps to put in place a full time civil liberties and private offer and released information that the details and mission and authorities and oversight. >> peter is live in washington with more details on this. peter, the president seems to be very serious about this new transparency that he is talking about. >> right. the point the president was trying to make yesterday in the east room at the white house is that he understands that -- why people might be upset about nsa surveillance programs but since he says the government needs those programs the best he can do is make them more transparent. >> as i said, this program is an for tool in our effort to
10:31 am
disrupt terrorist plots and it does not allow the government to listen to any phone calls without a warrant. but given the scale of this program, i understand the concerns of those who would worry that it could be subject to abuse. >> now the president has a four-point plan to make the nsa more transparent. point one is working with congress to improve the part of the patriot act that deals with collecting phone data, section 215 of the patriot act. point two to figure out how to make sure fisa courts pay better attention to civilerties. those are one it is government goes to for warrants. point three is calming down the public by using a website as well as legal opinions that make the case that section 215 and patriot act is a good thing. point four is to bring in outside experts to help improve oversight and accountability. but some lawmakers believe that the four-point plan misses the main point. >> i know there are people in
10:32 am
homeland security and intelligence that say no, this is really helping and i'm going without it help you put a soldier in every home but we don't want to give up that much of our libber. >> i john boehner's spokesman saying his office does hope the president doesn't do anything that's going to make these programs less effective. exact quote they use in politico today is that our priorities should be to continue saving american lives, not saving face. >> thanks, peter. we can bring you new information today on the terror alerts that led to the closure this week of so many u.s. diplomatic facilities. according to the state department, 18 of the 19 embassies and consulates we reported were closed in north africa and middle east will reopen tomorrow p. the embassy in yemen, however, will remain closed. meanwhile president obama yesterday defended remarks he made earlier about al qaeda and the changing nature of the
10:33 am
terror threat. >> what i said in the same national defense university speech back in may that i referred to earlier is that core al qaeda is on its heels and has been decimated. what i also said was that al qaeda and other extremists have metastasized into regional groups that can pose significant dangers. >> frederick flight is a former cia senior analyst and the chief analyst. it is great to have you here. i know you spent so much of your career working intelligence. and i want to know if you -- first of all, agree with the president, decimated is a strong word. he used it several times. decimated means all gone. right? is he right in terms of the status of al qaeda? >> it is good to be here. i really don't think that what the president said is right.
10:34 am
mohr is it consistent. first of all, the president said over and over again bin laden dead and al qaeda is on the run. now we have intelligence of a very significant threat to -- closed 19 embassies and 20 if you count pakistan. that's not an organization that's decimated. that's an organization that i think has rebuilt itself and is adopting new tactics to letten american minutes why are we giving out so much information? is that advisable? they are open and closed. why would we say other than issuing a travel alert to folks don't gopakistan? >> that's the key issue going on. i give the president a lot of credit for closing these embassies. he should have done this last september before the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi and other embassies. there was a serious threat and have to protect americans. the problem here is that crucial intelligence that appeared to come from a conference call between al qaeda operatives was
10:35 am
leaked to the media, apparently to benefit the president politically. now, leaks like this, conference call, among the al qaeda operatives for intelligence officers, this is like gold. we don't see intelligence like this every day. the source has been burned and a source that could have been used to stop future terrorist attacks possibly against american lives. >> there were reports that that may have been a conference call and may have been a conversation that went on in a secure chat room. i know that's something that came out this weekend and continue to look at that. you know what? i don't have a family member right now that serves in an embassy or consulate in one of the countries and if we have the map we will put it up of the places subject to closure. if i did, i would say to myself why is it that the president must issue these closures and warnings? why are our installations overseas not fortified every day, every single minute, to keep our people safe. >> well, not all of our embassies are fortresses where the families live on the grounds
10:36 am
and lot of the embassies, the -- family members live off the compound. even if they don't live off the compound they have to do things within the city and remember what happened on september 11, 2012, we had enormous attacks not just against the benghazi consulate but yemen and egypt. egypt attacks were very serious. yemen they were trying to climb over the wall to get into the embassy. but i'm with you. it is very unusual to see the u.s. do this. it looks like we are in a retreat. there must have been a very, very serious threat to justify so many embassies being closed. >> the fact that they will reopen -- does that mean the threat is gone? >> it doesn't mean the threat is gone. there are so many signs that al qaeda is actually rebuilding itself. we see a growing al qaeda presence in north africa and in the sinai, among the syrian rebels. in iraq. we have a very robust effort by al qaeda to recruit so-called homegrown terrorists behind our borders over the internet. >> with all of the work that i do with the military, fred, i
10:37 am
know the border region between afghanistan and pakistan, when i saw lahore as one of the closures is there any country anymore on that list that we can count on for them to assist us and support our efforts for being there in the first place? and they have nuclears. i mean -- where is this? how is the president and administration going to get control so that we can all feel safer after benghazi and after 9/11? >> first of all swreeshgs to have a consistent policy. we have administration that's been afraid to use terrorist terminology and free tended the terrorism is not a threat. remember, after the attacks in the benghazi consulate, it took weeks before the administration called this terrorism. the ft. hood terrorists still not called a terrorist by this administration. if we can't admit to the threat, how can we get people who are trying to attack us take us seriously? >> last point, fred, just ask you this week, nadal hasan, lot of shenanigans at his
10:38 am
court-martial. the fact is that since it was considered by the administration workplace violence and nonterror he received pay. one victim shot seven times, they don't receive benefits or salary unless it is declared as a combat injury. will that change? >> you know, it is inconceivable as to why the administration is doing this. we know hasan was in touch over the internet with al qaeda. he was an al qaeda operative. he had been radicalized by al qaeda. i don't see why the families and survivors of the attack are not considered the survivors of an al qaeda attack and should be given appropriate benefits. >> thank you so much. it is so nice to have you on with your vast background. we appreciate it, sir. >> good to be here. new study reveals potential link between two common health problems but can keeping your blood sugar in check really lower your risk for alzheimer's?
10:39 am
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a daring tightrope walk in china. two acrobats walking on a wire more than 1600 feet long over 300 feet above a river. also performed some stunts in the air and hanging upside down and balancing on one foot. i can't tell why you but i want
10:44 am
to tell you that they did complete this walk. look how far they went. all the way, without incident. new fallout from detroit's filing for bankruptcy. sending shock waves through the municipal bond market nationwide. the city's emergency manager wants to replace the some of detroit's municipal bonds with new ones based on different financial terms. some fear this sets a dangerous precedent for other cash-strapped cities. raising concerns on just how safe municipal bonds are. casandra is sfounder aauthor ofy the bull." let's get right to it. what does this say to other cities in terms of what is happening with detroit and municipal bond market? >> this is very significant and it really could alter for many years to come the pricing that
10:45 am
other cities across the country, good or bad, are going to have to pay bond holders. it is really very much in a way like a mini greece situation if you think about it. we all know that hasn't turned out so well. i think that many cities are going to find themselves hurt because of this situation. >> you talk about other cities. therefore, with -- detroit be like the domino, lead domino effect. we see it spiraling -- falling downward for other cities? >> it certainly could be a domino. it is going to depend on how this turns out and if they really do go ahead and retrade these bonds and restructure with existing bond holders. that is really the first dom they. i hope that regulators will get involved and some of the big bond holders will just put their
10:46 am
foot down and not allow this. it is a contract they are looking to break. >> detroit has a lot of good people there. it is a city that really did a lot for america in terms of building, motown sound, building the car industry. look at pictures of detroit today. you see some of the devastation, some of the blighted communities, but yet, there are some people there moving back in and trying to do their best to actually hold their heads above water. what do they have to do to bring this city out of bankruptcy and into a place of promise again? >> well, i think that one of the first things is to have a city run by people that are credible. and -- that people believe if they come in there to try and do something, that -- whatever terms they get are going to be realized. and that when they start building something, it is not going to be torn out from underneath them and retraded like a tax break or things like
10:47 am
that. where you find municipalities and states trying to track new business by using hose methods. so i think that's a first step. they have got to make sure that they remain credible and right now i think that's a really big issue. if they can do that, then i think that the next step is to bring in tax breaks and other incentives for new industries to come in there and i do think that you are right. the -- automotive industry has prospered and maybe we need to be looking at some of them now that they are profitable again to help out their city that they are in and have such a long history with. >> they make a very good point. if you have learned anything from history, as much as required. maybe they could turn behind and try to help reinstate some of the jobs that -- have been lost or going overseas. one final question, will cities have to postpone their
10:48 am
infrastructure jobs based on what they have seen taking place in detroit? >> if in fact they do end up restructuring these bonds, it is going to mean higher prices for other cities to issue new bonds. it may just be the deciding forecast tore with a higher price of whether or not they can raise the capital and pay the bond holders in order to get the money to build new inf infrastructure. yes, it could ends up being that some other cities are going to have to put things hold and it could be that municipal jobs are cut as well even without new infrastructure so they can get their balance sheets even more shored up so they can go ahead and issue bonds that bond holders are willing to pay a lower price for despite what's going on in detroit. >> we thank you for your insight and hope detroit can bounce back. other cities will take note of what is taking place there.
10:49 am
thank you. potential blockbuster. new medical study came out and it links a food actually that you eat every day. we bet on that. that could have a link to alzheimer's and other diseases. a member of our fox medical team, dr. david somati, will tell you what it is and how much is safe. let's play: [ all ] who's new in the fridge! i help support bones... [ ding! ] ...the immune system... [ ding! ] ...heart health... [ ding! ] ...and muscles. [ ding! ] that can only be ensure complete! [ female announcer ] the four-in-one nutrition of ensure complete. a simple choice to help u eat right. [ major nutrition ] nutrition in charge. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up.
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i was trying not to tell you before we went to break exactly what this food is but we eat it it every day. there is a potential major medical discovery with a link between two common health problems as we learn that people battle with elevated levels of blood sugar. will stand ain't creased risk of developing dementia or alzheimer's. dr. david samadi is the chair of lenox hospital's urology department and professor of urology. fox news medical a-teamer. that's why we are asking you about this. the reason i didn't want to tell people is i thought if i teased it they would stick around and it is that for, dr. samadi.
10:54 am
sugar is almost as bad as salt, it turns out. it is in things we don't even know. first tell us about the study. >> this is a very for one. it was published in new england jurn afl medicine. comes from seattle. they looked at about 2,000 pr advertise pants and followed them for long enough period that nice thing about the study is they looked at both diabetics and nondiabetics and had a control group and were able to see that among diabetics, you have an increase of 41%, increased risk of dementia and alzheimer's. will some connection between being diabetic and leading to this kind of alzheimer's. this is not a foreign topic to you. every week we are doing this. we talked about anemia and dementia. we talk about high blood pressure and dementia. now diabetes. >> not just diabetes, though. even people who are not yet declared diabetic but have sugar in their diet should be thinking about this. >> that's right. it is a very good point. that's a pre-diabetic people on the way to becoming diabetic.
10:55 am
that's -- for. what exactly is the reason. in this study they were not able to answer the fact that sugar directly causes this. something behind becoming diabetic, whether it is a vascular disease or formation that leads to this, it may be the case. we can't tell you today if you reduced the amount of your blood sugar that you can slow down the zi diabetes. my guess would be all timers and my guess would be that -- this -- long term, would work better for you. >> want to get right to this. this was so shocking to me, folks, even if you have no diabetes in your family but you love fruit and other things that you think are healthy, you may be overdosing on sugar. you see the meter. that's when you reach the diabetes stage. let me run through them and let me -- quickly ask you, tomato sauce. have to look at the label. >> we are surrounded by this. everybody is consuming high doses of tomato sauces in our food. tons of salt and sugar. it is hidden. you are not aware of it but
10:56 am
that's what gives a good taste. be careful. >> at the end of the list we will tell you how much sugar you should have that's safe. beets, shocker. you think you are being really healthy when you eat beets. grapefruit. >> this was surprising. i consume this for breakfast all the time. grapefruit has eight grams of sugar. you want to be careful. twice a week is okay but not more than that. >> lastly, cereals and may be healthy looking. check the sugar. dried fruit. trail mix. also high in sugar. layered yogurt. you have a quick recommendation and then we have to wrap it up. >> get a plain yogurt and add your own fruits. cereal, make sure you only get about five grams of sugar. >> that's the key, folks. five. >> we will end it there. >> you are sweet but we have to go.
10:57 am
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this week, global terror alert shuts u.s. embassies across the arab world. a look at how al qaeda made its comeback. it is the story nobody in washington wants to talk about. we will tell you how the white house is helping congress weasel out of obama care. the president says it is time for the government to get out of the mortgage business. six years after the housing bubble burst, is it a step in the right direction? welcome to "the journal editorial report."


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